Heraldry for the Self-Isolator Index

In case it helps anyone Home-schooling, here is last year's Heraldry Course for the Self-Isolator again!

Heraldry for the Self-Isolator

H4tSI is now completed for the moment, but we will leave these up for a while longer as we all emerge gradually from lock-down like moles blinking in the light.

Week 1: Week beginning March 30th 2020
1.  The component parts of an achievement of arms:
2.  The tinctures, fesses. lions rampant, blazonry, lions to colour in
3.  Divisions of the field, dexter and sinister, brass rubbings to colour in
4.  Roundels, crosses, other heraldic charges to colour in
5.  Week one Quiz and recommended weekend viewing

Week 2: Week beginning April 6th 2020
1.   700th Anniversary of the Declaration of Arbroath - Seals
2.   Making a Difference, unicorns to colour in.
3.   Coronets of Rank, Sudoku 1, Word-search 1 (Heraldic Terms)
4.   Canting Arms, crossword, Sudoku answer, heraldic anagrams, colour in wyverns etc
5.   Quiz; Suduko 2

Week 3: Week beginning April 13th 2020
1.   The Royal Arms 
2.   Hatching and tricking.
3.   Animals, erased, couped, cabossed.
4.   Heraldry and Women.
5.   Quiz, sudoku on charges and crossword.

Week 4: Week beginning April 20th 2020
1.   Church Heraldry
2.   Funeral hatchments.
3.   Insignia of Office.
4.   Heraldic Beasts 1: The Gryphon
5.  The Badges of Officers of Arms

Week 5: Week beginning April 27th 2020
1.   The Regional Councils 1973-1995
2.   The Island & City Councils 1973-1995
3.   The District Councils of  the quondam Borders, Central, and Dumfries and Galloway Regions.
4.   The District Councils of the quondam Regions of Fife, Grampian, Lothian and Tayside.
5.   The District Councils of the quondam Highland Regional Council

Week 6: Week beginning May 4th 2020
1    The Incorporated Trades of Glasgow
2.   The Incorporated Trades of Aberdeen
3.   The Incorporated Trades of Stornoway, Edinburgh, Dundee and Linlithgow. 
4.   The Merchant Guilds of Scotland
5.   V.E. Day Holiday

Week 7: Week beginning May 11th 2020
1.   Supporters - tenants
2.   Supporters - supports
3.   Supporters - soutiens
4.   Golf Club Heraldry
5.   More Golf Clubs and Puzzles

Week 8: Week beginning May 18th 2020
1.  Strathclyde former District Councils 1 answers to Friday's puzzles.
2.  Strathclyde former District Councils 2
3.  Strathclyde former District Councils 3
4.  The Royal Burgh compartment
5.  Lines of Partition and Crossword

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